The Wealth Finishing School 

Our Mission: To provide a safe, culturally relevant space to learn strategic ways to create, build, grow and expand wealth in the Black community. 

Our Vision: To build a national network of Black wealth-builders and advisors to realize the dream of legacy wealth for generations in our community.

Culturally Relevant & Legacy Driven

Identity Matters

The blueprint found in our shared legacy as Americans and Ancestors of enslaved Africans is the narrative that will guide our journeys to wealth our way.  

Financial Acumen Focused

Strategic Education Matters

Learn how to pursue Legacy Wealth no matter your current place on the road is where your strategic education begins.


Qualified  Financial Guidance

Expertise Matters

Wealth for many remains uncharted territory. Having access to qualified financial professionals to guide you on your journey to wealth is a must to get there in your lifetime.

The Wealth Finishing School 

Build Wealth, Grow Wealth, and Expand Your Legacy

12 essential steps that guide you to finish the unfinished business in the wealth builder called you.

The Road to Legacy Wealth 

Curated Conversations to Wealth Your Way

The pursuit of legacy wealth allows you to start where you are and achieve what you want as a part of a narrative that did not begin with you and will not end with you. Your lifetime is your window of opportunity to fill the voids in your financial path, maximizing the significance of your legacy.

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Financial Relationships that Matter

Financial Freedom is a Shared Journey

Fill the gaps in your wealth journey, working with qualified experts who share your perspective of what wealth can be in our community. Then, with the right plan and a commitment to finishing the work, our wealth builders will partner with financial professionals who believe in you, believe in us, and work together to plot a course to utilize the financial services industry to enrich our wealth journey.

Achieve Wealth Outcomes We Believe in 

Participate in a group process where each month you will finish an essential step focused on implementing a plan to create, build, grow and expand wealth; producing legacies of multigenerational wealth builders. 

The Wealth Finishing School Experience

Four unique journeys consist of curated conversations designed to accelerate your journey to legacy wealth. 

Cast Your Wealth Vision

Understanding the role of legacy in your wealth journey.

Define Your Wealth Pursuit

Navigate the road to wealth to a degree of financial freedom you desire.

The Business of You

Understanding the Principles of Personal Finance

The Business of Us

Elevating the Standard Business to Wealth in Our Community Together

The Wealth Finishing School is for both 

Wealth Builders and Financial Professionals

We have created a space  where learning and doing are a part of the finishing process on both sides of the equity table. Wealth in our community can be a Win-Win. 


Join the Journey

There are two tracks along the road in the
Wealth Finishing School

Both Wealth Builders and Wealth Advisors receive SHRM certified NarrowRoad Instruction

The Wealth Builder's Journey


The Wealth Builder Track is a 12-step interactive, virtual, and online program that allows for group and individualized training on the concepts to create, build, grow, and expand wealth. 

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The Wealth Advisor Journey


The NarrowRoad™ for Advisor's program is the pre-cursor to building an established financial services practice where minority clientele is the benefactors of your advice.

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The Journey to Wealth Your Way

Based on the writings of Dr. Pamela Jolly and the acclaimed book The NarrowRoad TM, the Wealth Finishing School is assembled to build and foster relationships with trained financial professionals positioned to assist Wealth Builders at acquiring and protecting wealth. Creating a roadmap for lasting legacy wealth.

In 2010, Dr. Pamela Jolly created The NarrowRoad™ to formalize her unique approach to working with business owners, investors, and their communities. The NarrowRoad™ Method is a proprietary business process system that infuses culturally relevant elements of society with financial literacy, management, investment, and risk. In 2015, she expanded the use of the NarrowRoad™ Method to educate and empower organizations and communities on specific ways to close the wealth gap.

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“Financial knowledge is the way for us to pass the torch from one generation to the next.”

Dr. Pamela Jolly