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A strategy investment firm focused on raising capital and awareness for minority businesses and their communities.

Leveraging fundamental principles of business and finance Torch ignites collective progress towards generational wealth. 

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About Torch Enterprises Inc.

Business is a series of increasingly intimate and interrelated relationships that create, build, grow, and expand wealth as you define it. Everyone is a business, has inherited the legacy of their family business, and many choose to own a business. Each of these enterprises has an opportunity to build wealth.

For 20 years, Torch Enterprises has been committed to ensuring that businesses in the black community confidently pursue their primary purpose — to build wealth for its owner. As such, we serve as a Strategic Partner in igniting and accelerating your business vision so that your business growth potential reaches your desired outcome. We connect the "what" with the "how," creating a blueprint to mature beyond the idea of passing wealth on for generations to establishing legacy enterprise models that continually build, grow, and expand.

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Meet Dr. Jolly


Dr. Pamela C.V. Jolly, Founder, and CEO of Torch Enterprises, Inc., is a sought-after finance professional, Global Speaker, and Strategist. Dr. Jolly's commitment is to develop data-driven strategies that lead to wealth as a legacy. Her focus is on pursuing business opportunities that pass the torch from one generation to the next, building wealth through ownership and equity in communities. Dr. Jolly uses her extensive background in financial services, strategy, community economic development, and theology to help entrepreneurs, organizations, and communities succeed.

Dr. Jolly holds a B.S. from Hampton University, an MBA from the Wharton Business School, and a Private Equity and Venture Capital certification from the Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and Management.

She also holds a Masters of Systematic Theology from Boston University, an Ed.D. from The Graduate Theological Foundation, and certificates in theology and conflict and reconciliation from Oxford University and the Boston Theological Institute.


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The NarrowRoad Method


The NarrowRoad™ Method is a strategic roadmap that helps anyone discover the unique thought processes that govern their lives. A journey along the NarrowRoad™ reveals how tapping into your unique wealth identity can be the key to removing the roadblocks to your progress.

Dr. Jolly teaches how to best engage the five forms of capital available to us all—human, social, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual using 24 unique NarrowRoad Identity (NRID) patterns developed from her data-driven research. The NarrowRoad takes you on a personal journey to true transformation that can and will impact generations.

Using 24 unique NarrowRoad Identity (NRID) patterns developed from her data-driven research and engaging the five forms of capital available to us all—human, social, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual—the NarrowRoad takes you on a personal journey to true transformation.


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The Wealth Finishing School

If thinking about money makes you feel anxious or insecure, you are not alone. Our attitude toward money is defined as early as seven years old and can influence the relationship you have with money, healthy or otherwise.

Creating lasting wealth that grows over time and is passed down to each generation is the right of every person. However, your success or failure in delivering on this promise depends on how well you adapt to and adopt healthy money habits.

The Wealth finishing School teaches how to have a healthy relationship with money and could be the key that transform your life, your future and the lives of your descendants.


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The Legacy Wealth Checklist is a way to gauge where in the financial wilderness are you and how far down the road you have still to go.  Its especially useful to see the full picture you are posing for.  Let's take a look at the legacy wealth creator in you.

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