Torch is a strategic investment company working for businesses and their communities committed to building legacy wealth through ownership and equity.


Torch stands for “Passing the Torch from One Generation to the Next.” This cross-generational perspective reminds us that in the pursuit of wealth, legacy is the fire that sustains our narrative. The change our communities seek is challenged by a need for an elevated standard of business operated by the entire community. A standard of business that creates wealth for all its shareholders.

Our highest challenge as a result is to create strategic pathways that educate and prepare both businesses and communities of individuals to build wealth that passes on to generations so that we all can contribute towards leaving this world better than we inherited it.

To help both businesses and their communities meet that challenge, Torch is partnering with businesses and their communities to build equity and increased ownership, through original research, advocacy, and strategic communications to elevate the standard of legacy and business to wealth in our communities.

Torch Enterprises Inc. is dedicated to strategic investment that advances the pursuit of ownership and equity for individuals, their communities, and businesses, particularly those in the African American Community. Our work is premised on the understanding that true wealth is more than money, it is a cultural perspective that views all stakeholders in the community as assets that provide tangible resources needed for the progress we believe in.

Our Services

Through a series of in-person and online services, Torch Enterprises is a strategic partner in accelerating the growth and development of wealth that passes on for generations. Our services have created blueprints for organizations and individuals desiring to reach legacy wealth.

Culturally Relevant Research

Torch offers a mixed-method approach to identifying explicit opportunities within the black community that often go unnoticed. Our research findings are used to identify opportunities that look beyond the deficit of a wealth gap toward accelerated solutions that deliver impact on individual and collective levels.

Legacy Wealth Education (The NarrowRoad™)

Using our findings in service level one, Torch serves unmet needs within communities, organizations, and groups to implement culturally relevant educational programs. Torch customizes the SHRM certified NarrowRoad™ Method to educate both wealth-builders and advisors within the financial services industry.

Capital Budgeting and Allocation

Torch raises capital and awareness for black businesses. Our firm prepares business owners to be capital ready and therefore capable of building legacy enterprises that can transfer wealth across generations.

The Torch Experience

Two decades of advising black business owners reveal that a lack of access to capital will remain an issue until both the financial services and black business community learn how to align the sources of capital with the vision of the enterprise.

The NarrowRoad™

Helps business owners increase their confidence in pursuing a road that includes private sources of capital and equitable relationships with financial institutions committed to supporting black business growth.

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