#2: Are We There Yet, What Pressure Are You Feeling?

Season #2

Podcast Title: Are We There Yet?

This week's #Reset Juneteenth Series Podcast #2 is all about Pressure. So much is happening in our world that impacts all of us both the present and our future, do you feel the pressure of the promise? Are we headed in the direction you desire to go? Together let’s explore the hidden equity in the Juneteenth Narrative related to pressure and influence. To #getClear we will connect the gots between the legacies of Horace Greeley and Dr. Martin Luther King to determine what do to about the pressure we are feeling.

Getting Clear this week, is all about determining what will you do with the pressure you are feeling?

About the NarrowRoad™ 

The NarrowRoad™ is a meta-pattern, which is a pattern of patterns about faith, finance, legacy, business, and the many things that reside in between. Explored through frameworks, journeyers are guided on culturally relevant ways to define and pursue wealth their way. Click here to buy the book.

About the June Reset:

A #RESET is a time to reflect on ways to “do things differently” to navigate a road many have traveled from your unique perspective capitalizing on the inherited opportunities of the time you have been given to do so. The June #Reset is all about resetting our vision for the future post the 400 years journey we have just ended. 

Framework Built upon in this Podcast: Vision-ThoughtReset

This week we build upon the NarrowRoad™ Vision Framework adding a layer that includes pressure, the continuous physical force exerted on or against an object by something in contact with it. This is a new generation facing the same battle. What is different is that we are closer to a bigger win we have been waiting for.

If you recall from last week's podcast there are both dimensions of vision and a time for everything.

  • Is your vision clear for what time your pressure is cooking?
  • Is it a tactical practical call to action?
  • Or is it a call for plans and strategies
  • Is it a message that calls us together for change we believe in or is a longer-term view of the horizon — most of these investments are allocated for a 10 year period. Does your protest have a plan that can go the distance?
  • Will your pressure be consistent throughout the journey to next. This is the pressure I would like to contribute to the mix. 

Framework Reflection to Consider Ways to #GetClear   

  • QUESTION: Are you riding the wave Or the tide?
  • QUESTION: Where is your pressure coming from?
  • QUESTION: Where are you frustrated. 
  • Part of the pressure and the plan is in you. 
  • Where is your influence?
  • What will be the impact of your protest?

Question about what time it is.

As we reflect back 400 years, I want you to THINK about what the pressure you are feeling is telling you where to focus on what’s next. 

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