Go First

Jul 18, 2022
Going first is different from being the first. Being the first is a fight. Going first is actually a win — an independent win. It’s choosing to cross the line into enculturated wealth. It's the Wealth you define with your choice to break free from the status quo and take the road less traveled because you know there is more. 
Going first makes you a leader and others followers after a while. Going first at first looks like disappearing from the spotlight, social chatter, and consistent circular pattern of life that has become comfortable.  Going first, in reality, requires going within to the place where what matters most is all that matters. Going first is at first apathetic and, at last, a Declaration of Independence. Going first is an opportunity for the growth and change required to pursue what you really want with everything you thought you couldn’t lose - your dream to realize it as your reality. 
Going first means that after you, there will be more than a second. There will be a line drawn where there want one that can motivate and encourage others tired of circular patterns to exit their own.